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Mission and Vision


To promote better marriages by providing enrichment opportunities and resources to strengthen couple relationships, increase intimacy, and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment, and family wellness.


To create a network of couples building healthy marriages by providing marriage education and enrichment opportunities in partnership with other public, private, and faith-based organizations.

All About Better Marriages

By-Laws of Better Marriages of Georgia

What Is Better Marriages?

Better Marriages is a group of couples who believe in marriage, know that a good marriage takes work, and understand that communication is essential to an enriched marriage. Better Marriages is not affiliated with any religious denomination.
Better Marriages sponsors meetings for States and other geographic regions where Marriage Enrichment is the topic. Also, Better Marriages sponsors retreats so that a couple can learn new skills to enrich their marriage. And finally, Better Marriages has a number of small groups, which meet regularly to facilitate marital growth.
Better Marriages is a non-profit organization. Although you do not have to belong to Better Marriages to attend the events, membership in the organization is encouraged.

Better Marriages Beliefs

  • Healthy families promote healthy communities and lead to world peace.
  • The best way to produce healthy families is to promote healthy marriages.
  • Healthy marriages foster ongoing personal growth and mutual fulfillment.
  • Relationship skills can be taught and learned.
  • People and relationships can grow, change and benefit from relationship skill training.
  • Our primary emphasis is experiential education for, and continuing development of healthy relationships.
  • We encourage therapy when appropriate.
  • Marriage enrichment is a life-long process.
  • Better Marriages provides valuable prevention-oriented services in ways that are sensitive, responsive, and flexible.
  • We want to have an impact on as many relationships as possible.
  • We encourage and will participate in research in marriage and family enrichment.


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